Cosener’s 2008

Programme for MSN08

Thursday, 10th July 2008

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Session 1

  • Sustainable Internetworking: can we do almost as much with less? Richard Mortier, Vipadia Ltd
  • Swarming Techniques to Improve Live Streaming Performance in the PeerLive System Eleni Mykoniati, UCL
  • Locality aware topologies for efficient live peer-to-peer content distribution Richard Clegg, UCL
  • Hidden Action in QoS-aware overlays Raul Landa, UCL
  • Phase Transitions of Opportunistic Communication Pan Hui, Cambridge University
  • Tegola Tiered Mesh Network Testbed in Rural Scotland Mino Bernardi, Edinburgh University
  • Towards Optical Local Interconnects: Applying photonic techniques to PCI Express-like environments, David Miller Cambridge University

13:00 Lunch at Cosener’s House

14:00 Session 2

  • What have beer, football and dance got to do with security in facebook? Jon Crowcroft, Cambridge University
  • We know what you did at 9am – Analysing Systems with Dynamic User Generated Content Christian Wallenta, Oxford University
  • Anonymous Communication in Delay Tolerant Networks Xiaofeng Lu, Cambridge University
  • Using self reported social networks for routing in ubiquitous computing environments Greg Bigwood, St Andrews University
  • MobiRate: Making Mobile Raters Stick to their Word Daniele Quercia, UCL

15:45 Coffee

16:00 Session 3

  • Understanding the Internet Topology Hamed Haddadi, UCL
  • Applied Metarouting John Billings, Cambridge University
  • Community Wireless Mesh Networks Johnathan Ishmael, Lancaster University
  • An architectural vision for the Future Internet Dirk Trossen, BT Research

19:00 Pimms and Beer and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 11th July

8:45 Session 4

  • Changing the paradigm in forwarding : how to change daemons into angels ? Kave Salamatian, Lancaster University
  • A flow aware packet sampling mechanism for high speed links Marco Canini, University of Genoa
  • Masts Update Iain Phillips, Loughborough University
  • Lightweight Detection of Malicious Traffic in Wireless Mesh Networks Fabian Hugelshofer, Lancaster University
  • SPAM and SPIT prevention Akhtar Khalil, Loughborough University
  • NetFPGA Andrew Moore, Cambridge University

10:45 Coffee

11:00 Session 5

  • Robot-Assisted Discovery of Evacuation Routes in Emergency Scenarios Ettore Ferranti, University of Oxford
  • Designing a Multipath Version of TCP Costin Raiciu, UCL
  • Horizon: Balancing TCP over multiple paths in wireless mesh network Bozidar Radunovic, Microsoft Research
  • An Architectural Framework and Enabling Technologies for Heterogeneous Networking Glenford Mapp, Middlesex University

12:30 Lunch