Cosener’s 2012

Programme for MSN12

Thursday, 12th July 2012

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Session 1

  • Dancing an American Waltz: the DARPA MRC project, Andrew Moore, Cambridge University
  • The Internet without IP addresses, Bruce Simpson, St Andrews University
  • MultiNet: New approaches to home network configuration, Anthony Brown, Nottingham University
  • Network Nodes within an Information-centric Networking Architecture, George Parisos, Cambridge University
  • Who’s Afraid of the (not so) Big Bad Loop?, Mark Handley, UCL (probably)
  • Janet update, Martin Dunmore, Janet

12:45 Lunch at Cosener’s House

14:00 Session 2

  • Cyberpatterns, David Duce, Oxford Brookes University
  • Cyber Security Models in context of SLA Monitoring and Attack Patterns inspired by Resilience Framework , Noor Shirazi, Lancaster University
  • TARDIS: Stable ISP Traffic Balancing in Space and Time, Richard Clegg, UCL
  • Node Distribution: The Forgotten Factor, Anthony Kleerekoper, University of Manchester
  • Measurement Enhanced SDN, Toby Moncaster, Cambridge University
  • A longitudinal analysis of Internet traffic, Joao Araujo, UCL

16:00 Coffee

16:15 Session 3

  • The forces behind the changing Internet: IXPs, content delivery and virtualization, Steve Uhlig, QMUL
  • Unikernels: Extreme Specialization of Virtual Appliances, Richard Mortier, Nottingham University
  • Movie Composition with Recursive EDLs and MP4, Steven Simpson, Lancaster University
  • uvNIC: Rapid Prototyping Network Interface Controller Device Drivers, Matthew Grosvenor, Cambridge University
  • FPGA Architecture for institutional high frequency trading, Graeme Burnett, Morgan Stanley

19:00 Pimms and Beer and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 13th July

9:00 Session 4

  • Teaching about Radio using an On-line Virtual Environment, Mona Demaidi, University of Manchester
  • Supporting VoIP over Wireless Ad-hoc Networks, Zuo Liu, University of Manchester
  • Taxonomy and analysis of challenges to multilevel resilient networks, James Sterbenz, University of Kansas
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions for 10Gbps Ethernet, Yuri Audzevich, Cambridge University
  • Software Defined Networks, Joel Obstfeld and Andrew McLachlan, Cisco

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Session 5

  • Building Delay Tolerant Networks for Emergency Scenarios, Gareth Tyson, QMUL
  • Spatio-temporal clustering for data dissemination in contact graphs, Matthew Orlinski, University of Manchester
  • Interdependence and Predictability of Human Mobility and Social Interactions, Antonio Lima, University of Birmingham
  • Wide area distributed computing with graphs, Karthik Nilakant, Cambridge University
  • Position-based Routing for Wireless Networks: A Re-analysis, Marwan Fayed, University of Stirling

13:00 Lunch