Coseners 2024

36th Multi-Service Networks workshop (MSN 2024) Thu-Fri 4th-5th July, 2024.


Thursday 4th July

10:00 Registration

10:20 Welcome

10:30 Networked Systems: 1988 to 2088 (Chair: Dimitrios Pezaros)

  • Jon Crowcroft (Cam) – What we were doing in 1988
  • Giles Winchester* (Sussex) – Tracking Microservice System Evolution with Correlation Networks
  • Andrew Ferguson* (Edin) – Internet from outer space: the good, the bad and the ugly of Starlink
  • Weihe Li* (Edin) – Stable-Sketch: A Versatile Sketch for Accurate, Fast, Web-Scale Data Stream Processing
  • Eve Schooler (Ox) – Toward a Net-Zero Internet
  • Xicheng Li* (Glasgow) – In-network variable-length DNS cache layer using P4 switch
  • Charalampos Rotsos (Lancs) – Towards Ubiquitous 3D Open Resilient Network

12:15 Discussion of Future Internet NetworkPlus

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Skynet 2.0: Machine Learning & Data (Chair: Noa Zilberman)

  • Karolina Skrivankova* (UCL) – Why is my smart home still dumb? The challenges of building automated building control systems
  • Kaiyi Zhang* (Ottawa) – A Machine Learning-based Toolbox for P4 Programmable Data-Planes
  • Kishan Sthankiya* (QM) – AI for 5G Sustainability: Green Savior or Great Pretender?
  • Edwin Sutherland* (Lough) – Can Network Operators make the Internet greener?
  • Wenrui Zuo (QM) – Understanding and Improving Content Moderation in Web3 Platforms
  • Wenchen Han* (UCL) – Rethinking the utility of gradient compression

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Measurement Mania (Chair: Stephen McQuistin)

  • Vaibhav Bajpai (HPI) – Measuring the State of DNS Privacy: Past, Present and Future
  • Jichun Wu* (Cam) – Understanding performance of applications based on 100GbE and RDMA
  • James Madeley* (Lough) – Towards Measuring Content Locality
  • Mercedeh Rezaei (Lough) – Understanding Internet Fragmentation: Towards a Comprehensive Measurement System
  • Petros Gigis* (UCL) – Bad Packets Come Back, Worse Ones Don’t
  • Elizabeth Boswell* (Glasgow) – RIPEn at Home – Surveying Internal Domain Names using RIPE Atlas

17:30 Freedom

19:00 Pimms and Dinner

Friday 5th July

9:45 Life at the Edge: IoT and Wireless Systems (Chair: Marwan Fayed)

  • Chuanhao Sun & Ujjwal Pawar* (Edin) – Towards Effective Anomaly Detection for Open RAN
  • Josh Millar* (Imp) – Towards Low-Energy Adaptive Personalization for Resource-Constrained Devices
  • Revika Anand* (Lancs) – Automated Cloud-native TestIng Of NTN 5G (ACTION 5G)
  • Saeed Fadaei* (Surrey) – LEOScope: Building a Global Testbed for Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Networks
  • Omid Tavallaie (Ox) – GT-TSCH: Game-Theoretic Distributed TSCH Scheduler for Low-Power IoT Networks

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 To the Moon: Next Generation Applications & Networks (Chair: Colin Perkins)

  • Marios Kogias (Imp) – Datacenter Congestion Control in the Era of Shallow Buffers
  • Peng Qian (Ox) – Enabling remote production and user intent-aware holographic streaming
  • Cheick Tidiane Ba (QM) – Investigating shocking events through temporal multilayer graph structure
  • Vadim Safronov (Ox) – Towards IoT Resilience through Security by Design

12:30 Lunch and presentation of the Brendan Murphy Prize

Note a * next to a presentation means “talk is eligible for Brendan Murphy prize”.

Presentation Proposals (Closed)

The deadline for presentation proposals was 24th May 2024. Unfortunately, no late submissions can be considered due to the limited number of slots available. Registration for the workshop opened in early May.

Registration (Closed)

The registration is now closed, as all tickets have been purchased. The options were:

  • Two Day Full Registration (base package) [£100]: Includes both days of attendance, covering coffee breaks and lunches. For this ticket, there are additional options based on whether you are staff or a student (BSc/MSc/PhD):
    • Thursday accommodation & banquet for staff: +£150
    • Thursday accommodation & banquet for students: +£20
    • Wednesday accommodation: +£100
  • One Day Rate (excluding accommodation, excluding banquet) [£50]: Includes one day of attendance, covering coffee breaks and lunch. There is an option to purchase a separate banquet ticket.
  • Two Day Rate (excluding accommodation, excluding banquet) [£100]: Includes two days of attendance, covering coffee breaks and lunches. There is an option to purchase a separate banquet ticket.

Sponsorship and Donations

We would like to thank our sponsors, the Internet Society and the University of Cambridge. We would also like to thank the supporters who made generous contributions to the event: Jon Crowcroft, Hamed Haddadi, Richard Mortier and Nishanth Sastry. Without this support, it would be impossible to maintain our low registration fees.