Coseners 2017

29th Multi-Service Networks workshop MSN 2017

Thursday, 22nd June 2017

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome (Iain Phillips, Hamed Haddadi)

10:35 Session 1 (Chair: Andrew Moore)

  • Gareth Tyson (Q): Who’s fiddling with my bits?
  • Jong Hun (C): Open Source Network Tester on NetFPGA-SUME platform
  • Gianni Antichi (C):Classbench-ng: recasting classbench after a decade of network evolution
  • Damilola Ibosiola* (Q): Video Pirates of the Cosnersbean
  • Jared C. Saia (UNM): Distributed Computing with Channel Noise

12:15 Photos & Lunch at Cosener’s House

13:30 Session 2 (Chair: George Parisis)

  • Ioannis Psaras (U): Feasibility of a User-Operated Mobile Content Distribution Network
  • Wajdi Hajji* (Lo): Improving the network performance with NF intra-parallelisation
  • Xenofon Foukas* (E): Towards Programmable and Virtualized Radio Access Networks
  • Andres Arcia-Moret (C): Community mapping of TVWS: perspectives and challenges
  • Steven Simpson (L): Bang! And the DDoS is gone
  • Iain Philips (L): CommNet announcement

15:15 Coffee

15:45 Session 3 (Chair: Tim Chown)

  • Sebastian Robitzsch (I): Net Neutrality and Opportinities for 5G
  • Amitabh Trehan (Lo): COSHER: Compact Self-Healing Routing
  • Mark Handley (U): Rethinking the stack for high-performance video streaming
  • Joel Obstfeld (Ci): Closing the loop – reactive networking
  • Joel Obstfeld (Ci): BGP meets Big-data

17:00 Free time!

19:00 Pimms and Beer followed by dinner at Cosener’s House


Friday, 23rd June 2017

9:30 Session 4 (Chair: Colin Perkins)

  • Nicholas Hart* (L): SDN in 1980s
  • Bo Tan (Co): ThruMapper: Through-Wall Building Tomography with a Single Mapping Robot
  • Fei Luo* (Q): Human activity classification and counting based on micro-Doppler signature
  • Walla Al-Eidarous* (S): Opportunistic routing in extremely dense networks
  • Hamed Haddadi (Q): Edge Analytics for Privacy & Performance

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Session 5 (Chair: Ian Wakeman)

  • Rémi Oudin* (ENS): OpenFlow Switch Performance Characterisation in Open Source
  • Murali Ramanujam (C): Building an high performance CDN – an engineering perspective
  • James P.G. Sterbenz (K):To the Cloud and Beyond! Back to the Future Again, and Again,..
  • Andrew Moore (C): Reproducible Impact
  • Srinivasan Keshav (W): SLIC: Smart Lighting Control

13:00 Lunch & Brendan Murphy prize

Affiliation codes:  C(ambridge), Ci(sco), Co(ventry), E(dinburgh), ENS (Paris-Saclay), I(nterDigital Europe), K(ansas), L(ancaster), Lo(ughborough), Q(MUL), S(ussex), U(CL), UNM (University of New Mexico), W(aterloo)

*: PhD student talk.

We are pleased to have CISCO as a sponsor this year.



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FAQ on the booking system

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